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#StartWithWhy @simonsinek
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Why Blog?

Back to (Blogging) Basics

Eight aspects to consider when starting out in the blogosphere, including why, what, how, portability, added content, community connections and workflow.

I Blog Therefore I Am

A collection of thoughts regards the benefits of blogging.

Blogging Starts with Why

There is so much written about why to blog, this post starts with finding your reason.

Developing a Blog

Often blogs are spoken about as some sort of fixed entity. Sadly, this focuses on the what overlooks how and why we blog in the first place.

Why Blogging Still Matters

With the rise of various social media spaces in education, such as Facebook and Google+, blogs matter more than ever for they offer control and privacy that other spaces do not provide.

The Many Faces of Blogging

Some break blogging down into tasks or unpacking the response. However, we often overlook the purpose and intent behind them.

5 Ways to Change the World Yesterday

Why associated with blogging starts with me, but it is through sharing that ideas and thinking are given the possibility to grown and develop,

Blogging in the Classroom

A reflection on my experiences of blogging in the classroom.

There is More Than One Way to Write a Blog

Often it is presumed that there is only one way to write a blog, this post unpacks some other possibilities, including as a means of collecting links and resources.

Sharing the Load of Blogging In and Out of the Classroom

Exploring the different possibilities and potentials of collaborative blogging beyond the classroom.

Sharing the Load of Blogging

A reflection on the idea of a collaborative school blog to share practice.

So Everyone Has a Blog, Now What?

This is a short post on the importance of having a reason to blog, not just focusing on the platform.

Read Write Wikity

Continuing to explore different ideas and opportunities associated with blogging, I collected together some reflections on setting up my own instance of Wikity.

Never Send a Human to do a Machine's Job
“Never Send a Human to do a Machine’s Job” by mrkrndvs is licensed under CC BY-SA

Which Platform?

A Guide to Blogging Platforms and their Niches

A summary of some of the different blogging services available, what they enable and where their biases lie. Included are an array of resources to support.

Creating a Deliberate Social Media Space for Students in School

To support students in regards to digital citizenship, use WordPress to create a social space, therefore gaining more control over online presence

Picking a Portfolio Platform

A summary of some potential platforms for student portfolios.

Starting with Edublogs from Scratch

I have discussed the benefits of blogging with Global2, as well as some of the intricacies, however, I have not unpacked how to get started.

Introduction to Blogging with Global2

Some of the possibilities for blogging with Global2/Edublogs, as well as a list of resources to with getting going.

A Global2 Guide

Global2 provides the usual functionality of WP, with the added benefits of moderation, filtering, class management and network admin. This is my guide to getting going.

Blogging is Blogging @mweller
“Blogging is Blogging @mweller” by mrkrndvs is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

How To Engage?

To Comment or Not To Comment? Is that the Question

There are many out there who say blogging is dead and that this is best epitomised in lack of dialogue and conversation. This post provides a different perspective by reframing the question.

What Makes a Comment?

A question that does not get asked often enough is what it actually means to comment and what might it mean to bring the comment back?

Reading Texts is Easy, especially When You Listen to Them

Although not directly on blogging, it captures some different ways to listen to blogs, rather than read them.

Ten Step Guide to Being Connected

An attempt at a guide to getting connected. Having a blog as a place for people to hear your story is an essential part of it.

A Guide to Following Blogs

A post that explains some different ways to follow a blog, including subscribing, via an RSS Reader or an automated recipe using a platform like IFTTT.

Are You Really Connected If You Are Not Giving Back

One of the challenges with a participatory environment is that without contributions there is no network. So it begs the question, are you really connected if you are not giving back?

The Obligation to Write
“The Obligation to Write” by mrkrndvs is licensed under CC BY-SA


Read, Write, Respond

A reflection on the decisions associated with beginning a blog.

A Blog for All Seasons

Different blogging platforms enable different possibilities. Here is an account of some examples that I have created over time.

Uncanny Reflections on a Year Blogging

Memories forgotten can often haunt us when later uncovered. This post is about three posts that had this effect.

My Secret Art of Blogging

An extended response to Naomi Barnes’ post exploring the act of writing. It is an insight into the process of writing, not the usual why.

Reflecting on the Voices in the Village

Rather than look back at the number of hits to measure the impact, here is a collection of comments from readers collected across the year.

More Than a Hipster Web

“More Than a Hipster Web” by mrkrndvs is licensed under CC BY-SA


My #IndieWeb Reflections

My initial notes and reflections associated with the IndieWeb

Co-claiming and Gathering Together – Developing Read Write Collect

A reflection on developing a site building upon the ideas of the #IndieWeb to bring together all my disparate pieces around the web in one place.

Zen and the Art of Blog Maintenance

A reflection on my recent challenges associated with maintaining a blog and an explanation of why I persist in doing it.

Managing Content Through Canonical Links

One of the challenges with the web can be managing content across multiple sites, one answer, create canonical links and share from there.

Hidden in the Code

A collection of code that I often turn to when working with WordPress and the IndieWeb

Laying the Standards for a Blogging Renaissance

With the potential demise of social media, does this offer a possible rebirth of blogging communities and the standards they are built upon?

A Kind of Emoji

A reflection on using emojis as a way to provide visual information about blog posts and post kinds.

Reclaiming My Bookmarks

A reflection on using my own blog to reclaim my bookmarks and then syndicate them to other sites, such as Twitter and Diigo.

Curation @hbailie
“Curation @hbailie” by mrkrndvs is licensed under CC BY-SA

Creating Content

Creating Images for Blogs

A list of programs with their positives and negatives for making visual quotes to add to blogs and other social media platforms.

Who’s Telling Your Story

An introduction to Storify, a platform that allows you to curate tge content a number of social media platforms and then embed it within a blog.

Powering Up Your Blog by Adding Content

Incorporate different content, such as video, GIFs and audio, in order to improve engagement and communicate using a different voice.

A Guide to Visualisations

There are so many different forms of visuals that you can add to a blog, from a mind map to a sketchnote, each adding to the mental image of the reader.

Making My Own Maps with Google Apps

Another point of contact to embed in a blog.

An Introduction to GIFs

A guide to creating and sharing GIFs.

My Awesome Reading List

Using Awesome Tables to create a more dynamic organisation of content for blogs.

Creating Video Content

Some applications for creating video content, with examples to support.

Claim Your Domain @audreywatters
“Claim Your Domain @audreywatters” by mrkrndvs is licensed under CC BY-SA


Claim Your Domain

A review of Audrey Watters book on why it is important to claim our presence online and some steps to going about it.

School of Thought

A review of Dan Haesler ‘s book. Although not solely about blogging, he touches on it throughout.

Master Teacher to Master Learner

A review of Will Richardson’s book unpacking connected learning. Blogging is an important part of this.

Things Are Not Always As They Seem

A collection of short reviews, including a comment on Clive Thompson’s Smarter Than You Think and David Weinberger’s To Big to Know

(Re)Claiming My Space on the Web

A reflection on my experience of blogging with Reclaim Hosting so far.

Looking for a Local Perspective on Blogging

In response to AITSL’s dismal attempt to provide a list of bloggers for educators to read, this is my attempt to capture a local perspective.

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