I have used Google Music for the last few years, however it is going away. This has been on the books for awhile. As the lights are slowly turned off on another Google product, here is my reflection on the options and my choice moving forward. YouTube Music The most obvious choice is to simply […]

This is a collection of all my Google related posts Apps and Reflections Docs An Introduction to Google Docs and Hyperdocs – Voice Recording with Google Docs Forms and Sheets Organising Data with Forms and Sheets Forming Data using Google Tips, Tricks and Sheets Sheets, Calendars, Events The Anatomy of an Idea – Building a […]

“Future” by mrkrndvs is licensed under CC BY-SA I have been saying to quite a few people that there seems to be change afoot in regards to Google Drawings. I base this hunch on a few signs. The majority of the information in the support site has been stripped back, there is no mention in […]

Some consider Google Drawings little more than a mimic of Microsoft Paint. On the surface this would seem true. However, this seeming simplicity is often also its strength. I would sum Google Drawings up as an application that allows you to format and arrange various objects on a flexible canvas. Nothing more and nothing less. Once […]

The prompt for the EdublogsClub is associated with technology: Write a post about free web tools. Every application has its limits. Although Google Drawings offers many possibilities, you are unable to work with different layers or build upon complex templates. Some other applications that can be connected to your Drive or added to the Chrome […]

 Why Chrome? Web browsers have come a long way from the days of depending on Netscape or Internet Explorer to view anything. Now there is a range of options, such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Vivaldi. In the past, you were often required to use a certain browser to access a particular site. This […]