flickr photo shared by mrkrndvs under a Creative Commons ( BY-SA ) license I have been spending a bit of time lately with the idea of communities of practice. One of the things that becomes clear quickly is that there are many different definitions and descriptions. Etienne and Beverly Wenger-Trayner suggest that: Communities of practice are formed by […]

Andrea Stringer recently wrote a post about the people who inspire you. Rather than write a list of names, which is often the way with such movements as #FollowFriday, Stringer summarises the characteristics of those who inspired her and who she aspires to be: Successful without sacrificing integrity Place people before profit Generous with their […]

A collection of resources associated with blogging Why Blog? Back to (Blogging) Basics Eight aspects to consider when starting out in the blogosphere, including why, what, how, portability, added content, community connections and workflow. I Blog Therefore I Am A collection of thoughts regards the benefits of blogging. Blogging Starts with Why There is so […]

One of my focuses at the moment is around online learning. This has involved investigating different spaces, the idea of Communities of Practice, dynamic content to include and the potential of Open Badges as a means of credentialing. It occurred to me that I had not stopped to properly consider what was already out there. […]

Having just returned from the New Zealand, I was left with more questions than answers. Whether it be at Google Teacher Academy, Leading a Digital School conference or simply online, I have engaged with a number of New Zealand educators. I have been an avid reader of blogs from people such as Steve Mouldey, Juliet […]

As I sat listening to Jamie Casep field questions at Auckland Summit about the Google Certified Innovator program I felt challenged. Here was me, a supposed ‘innovator’, how was I still pushing to the moon? Where was I at? I received an email a few months ago notifying me that to maintain my status I […]