Digital Technologies is more than just learning to code. This post re-imagines the curriculum around blogging and explores how it maybe better integrated. There has been a lot of discussion around the changes to the curriculum brought on by Digital Technologies. This is a part of a global movement to increase knowledge and understanding of […]

Kathleen Morris recently put out a poll investigating the obstacles associated with blogging. Although I added my vote for time, I felt it was worth following up with some of the challenges and the reasons associated with each. To begin with, I will focus on personal blogging. Personal Obstacles Time and Motivation: I agree with […]

Jennifer Hogan recently wrote a post about the 13 things to consider when blogging. Here is a summary of her list: Every journey is unique Make time to learn each day Blog regularly Forgive yourself when you don’t post Put your social profile links on your blog Schedule posts ahead of time Create graphics for […]

A collection of resources associated with blogging Why Blog? Back to (Blogging) Basics Eight aspects to consider when starting out in the blogosphere, including why, what, how, portability, added content, community connections and workflow. I Blog Therefore I Am A collection of thoughts regards the benefits of blogging. Blogging Starts with Why There is so […]

There are some things I don’t really write about. This is one of them, my secret art of blogging. Fine, I have written my share of posts touching on the purposes, whether it be reflecting on the uncanny, connect with others or curate different ideas. However, I have written very little about the time and […]

Here is the blurb for my session at #Digicon16: In this presentation, participants will be provided with the why, how and what associated with blogging. Whether it be the difference between platforms and what they allow. Ideas for what blogs can be used for. As well as the challenges associated with blogging, including restricting content […]

flickr photo shared by mrkrndvs under a Creative Commons ( BY-SA ) license Just as there are many different blogging platforms, there are also many different ways to blog. Some break it down into different tasks or unpacking why we blog. However, we often overlook what actually constitutes a blog in education. To make sense […]