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REVIEW: Learning with e’s by @stevewheeler

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In Learning With E’s, Steve Wheeler paints a picture of theory and practise in the digital age.  Covering everything from measurement, personalisation, curriculum and architecture, it is a book of questions to be considered, rather than a list of off the shelf solutions to be applied.

With the ability to clearly summarise some of the most complicated concepts, I wondered while reading where this book was when I was training. Yet that misses something important. Although Wheeler draws on a long history when it comes to engaging with learning technologies, this is a book clearly situated in the present. Whether it be the discussion of heutagogy, potential of mobile learning or changes in literacies, it provides a platform from which to explore further.

In the end, what is most significant about Wheeler’s book is that first and foremost it is a book about learning, told through the lens of technology and change. It is a great introduction for any teacher trying to make sense of modern learning.

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I am an Australian educator supporting the integration of technology and innovation. I have an interest in how collectively we can work to creating a better tomorrow.

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