Hut building is just so much fun. It really has a way of taking you back to your childhood. I think the fact that you were having fun while you were learning is what your students were inspired by. Too often we forget that playing, taking risks, making mistakes is just a whole bunch of fun. As a PE teacher, I would often join in the activities as a way to showcase my passion for learning and physical activity. I think students need to see the enjoyment that our passions bring, it is contagious. I love to hear people talking about the things in their lives that make them alive. We can all relate to this. Figuring out problems is something I love to do with my students. A conversation last week with a group of girls about their Media project started with their idea and then quickly followed up with a “we don’t know how do that” statement. I told them that the hardest part is the getting the idea in the first and that we would figure out the how together. They were inspired by that and were off and running. Great post mate. You are my first comment for the week #bringingthecommentback