Digital Creating and Making at #DigiCon15
Digital Creating and Making at #DigiCon15 Quickmakes

Mozilla Thimble is a part of a suite of tools, including Webmaker and X-Ray Googles, designed to help teach the web by (re)making the web. It allows you to easily create, remix and share webpages. Using HTML and CSS language, putting in the code on the left and then seeing it come to life on the right. What is great are the hints and errors that pop up as you work.

Some possible uses for Mozilla Thimble include:

  • a personalized cover splash page
  • an online poster for your favourite movie
  • a hilarious meme

Here are some additional resources:

Webmaker Thimble Page – A guide to how Thimble works and the different possibilities.

Web Literacy Map – A growing resource created exploring the skills and competencies associated with traversing the web.

Teaching the Web Activities – A collection of activities designed for teaching the web.

Collection of Makes – A gallery of creations from other people.

Mozilla Learning Network – A Google Plus Community dedicated to reading, writing and participating on the web.

I’ve just closed my Linkedin Page – A post by Doug Belshaw discussing taking ownership of online identity.

#2NextPrez Make Cycle: Remixing Campaign Posters with Thimble – Kevin Hodgson shares a remix activity involving the creation of a poster.

If you have any other resources or experiences with Mozilla Thimble I would love to know.

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Teaching the Web with Mozilla Thimble by Aaron Davis is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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