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This weeks topic for #youredustory is how will you grow the conversation so that we bring more people and perspectives along the journey?

It is so easy to get caught up on the argument about echo chambers and engaging with a wider audience. In an interview with the Ed Tech Crew, Dan Donahoo suggested following those you disagree with in order to maintain perspective, while Steve Brophy argues that we should act act as +1’s as we amplify the voices of others who may not be within the community. My concern is that focusing on WHAT associated with connections overlooks the most important question, why. For as Weinberger asserts, “Even if the smartest person in the room is the room itself, the room does not magically make all who enter it smarter.” I think that it is not the echo chambers and silos of information which is at fault, rather it is the mindset of those connecting. The conversation therefore grows when we support others in coming to their own understanding of why however long that may take.

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