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I became a teacher, the how, why and what isn’t so simple, it certainly can’t be deduce to a ‘moment’

Really, I think I was fascinated in what Matt Esterman has since described as ‘Dr. Who history

When I left University I thought it was my job to make the world right

Although this mixture of naivety and resilience helped me get through, not sure I achieved much though

Then I came upon ICT, thinking I’d stumbled upon education’s missing panacea

Sadly, like so many others, I missed the point. Technology is the wrong driver of change

The focus of change, Michael Fullan has suggested, must be student-centred and teacher-learning

The problem is how, for as Dylan Wiliam suggests, “everything works somewhere and nothing works everywhere

Is it by making, constructing, supporting, collaborating, thinking?

Through, with, because, in spite of others?

Independent, interdependent, dependent?

The list of different ingredients and options that make up the complex cocktail that is learning is ever growing

So that is me, how I became the teacher-educator-learner that I am today. To reduce the journey to some seemingly arbitrary awakening misses so much. It is too fixed and when we approach the problem from such a perspective, we fail to recognise the nuances along the way.

So what about you, what is your fractured story about how you go to where you are today?

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