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Learning …

Involves chance and an element of choice

Incidental, accidental

At least to us, maybe to others never as clear as we make it to be

Messy, chaotic

Involves discipline, dedication, failure, perseverance

Always there … waiting … patiently

Flowing underground, making connections, creating new beginnings

On the search for potential and opportunity

Not always what is ‘taught’

Sometimes in spite of that

A product of circumstance and situation

Never complete and finished though

Sometimes we unlearn, other times we relearn

Involving others, with others, through others

Ideally self-determined

Different for everyone, well at least I think so

Actually, you’re learning now, right?

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Learning Is … by Aaron Davis is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

3 thoughts on “Learning Is …

  1. Love it Aaron
    Can I be cheeky and say the I learned you can write wonderfully in less than 100 words ? Hope so !
    I am enjoying all the individual reactions to these topics.

    • Thanks Celia,
      I can do a lot of things when I choose to. I actually found that you spend more time when you write less. Has been interesting following all the responses, just need to work on commenting more.


  • Aaron Davis

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