Here is a range of quick makes designed to engage with digital creating and making:

Mozilla Thimble: remix Doug Belshaw’s splash page to create your own. Click here for more information about Thimble.

Google Drawings: provide your own voice to a creative image. Click here for more information about Google Drawings.

Google Forms: fill in the form to make your own piece of poetry. Click here for more information about Google Forms.

Thinglink: Design your own digital self by providing links to your different image about you online. Click here for more information about Thinglink.

Gifyoutube: Add ‘gif’ to the start of your favourite Youtube video and make your own animation. Click here for more information on GIFS.

Medium: Engage with a post on Medium questioning whether everyone should be on Twitter. This could be writing a comment, creating a short review or composing a longer response. Click here for more information on blogging and Medium.

Verso: Either come grab a login or create your own student account to engage with others and create new ideas. Class code is: SZZ6A7 Click here for more information about Verso.

Adobe Voice: Add your voice to a collective story about your highlights of #DigiCon15. Click here for more information about Adobe Voice.

Share your Makes where ever you like online using the hashtag #quickmakes and follow the different creations via Tagboard.


flickr photo shared by mrkrndvs under a Creative Commons ( BY-SA ) license

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