Mark Colvin's Journalistic Credo
“Mark Colvin’s Journalistic Credo” by mrkrndvs is licensed under CC BY-SA

Light and Shadow by the late Mark Colvin is a memoir about many things. Growing up, adventure, adversity and the art of journalism. More than anything else though, it is a book about life, in particular, a life well lived.

A deeply reflective thinker, Mark Colvin traces his path through life. Whether it is describing life growing up as a spy’s son, the challenges of attending boarding school during a time of sadomasochistic brutality from teachers, managing mixed families, balancing between life being half Australian and half British, and continually adjusting to the new world of media through mediums, such as video, internet and social media.

Neither a revolutionary from the left nor a conservative from the right, Colvin memoir lives out the credo of presenting the facts. In many ways, Light and Shadow reminds me of Christopher Hitchens and Clive James. Although each have their own voice and experiences, they present captivating stories. Adding to this, listening to Colvin read the book provided a further connection.

I will be honest, I always knew of him from his time presenting PM on ABC Radio, but never really knew the man behind the voice.  For a different introduction to the life of Mark Colvin, watch the tribute on Foreign Correspondent or listen to him on the Conversation Hour.

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REVIEW: Light and Shadow by Mark Colvin by Aaron Davis is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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